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Family Life
  1. Joining a local baby gym is the best way to make friends with babies around the same age.
  2. Nobody tells you that if your baby throws up their meal, feeding them right away will just make them throw up again
  3. You don’t need an alarm clock anymore
  4. Video games are something you used to play
  5. You’d be surprised how often you just want to watch TV after the baby goes to bed, more so than you probably ever did before
  6. It takes a while to integrate a new baby into your schedule, especially if this is your first
  7. Babies like to eat
  8. Sometimes you fall asleep with a baby on your lap. That’s Okay.
  9. Parents with babies the same age as yours are sometimes competitive. Don’t worry, not all of them are.
  10. Parents with babies the same age as yours are aware of what you’re going through
  11. Your baby will slowly learn how to do things on their own. Try not to force anything.
  12. Your baby will slowly learn how to do things on their own! Don’t be surprised if they can start climbing the couch one day.
  13. Everybody in your family has an opinion on your baby, but yours is usually the best. That being said, listen to what your family has to say about raising kids.
  14. Try taking your baby to a restaurant as soon as possible so they can get used to eating in public. It’ll help them develop patience.
  15. Babies don’t have patience. So when you take them to restaurants expect to see food all over the floor.
  16. If you’re at a place with waiters, it’s probably okay to leave some of the food on the floor, because that’s part of the service.
  17. If you’re at a place that does not have waiters, it’s up to you to be a good customer and clean up the floor after your baby made a mess.
  18. Babies are fascinated with everything we drink. Be ready for baby to try to pull a cup of water out of your mouth while you’re drinking it.
  19. Bathtime is a fun activity - as soon as a baby learns how to splash in the bath it makes it more fun for everybody.
  20. Pets are a great distraction for any baby. Cats are great for smaller babies, dogs are great for toddlers.
  21. Sleep training is very important.
  22. After going through the training, be aware that things can cause it to lose track, sicknesses, vacations, extended family visits. Don’t be frustrated, but be aware that you might have to sleep trying to be more than once.
  23. I still haven't decided if a baby wipes warming system is useful or not
  24. Shushers works great for babies up to a certain age. But once they outgrow them, they become more of a nuisance than anything else because the baby wakes up as soon as they turn off.
  25. Expect to buy a lot of toys. You're not really sure what to buy your baby. Eventually, by the time they're about a year old, you'll understand what your baby likes and what they don't like.
  26. Read at least five books your baby every day. A large portion of these can be easily read as part of their nighttime routine
  27. When your baby's about 18 months old, you can start playing with crayons and coloring books.
  28. Babies are all different. Every baby changes advances at different rates of different areas. So don't compare babies
  29. Your baby loves you. You love your baby.
  30. Stranger anxiety is a thing that comes and goes. Just because your baby's happy with someone at six months doesn't mean she'll be happy with them again in nine months.
  31. Did you know stranger anxiety can cause a baby to sleep poorly?
  32. Boogers. Babies generally scream like crazy when you try to get them.
  33. There are age-appropriate educational things on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and sometimes YouTube. I'd recommend looking at those first before you let them watch cartoons designed for big kids.
  34. Don't be embarrassed if your baby watches likes to watch videos on your phone, it soothes them and lots of parents do it. Just be aware of “too much”
  35. There's no right age for your kid to start watching movies. You never know what will scare a baby until its too late. Zootopia scared mine.
  36. Take your baby on vacation. You and your baby will grow.
  37. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Seriously.
  38. Your back and arms will start to hurt as your baby gets older and heavier. Yoga and weightlifting work well. Massages work too.
  39. Get your baby swimming in a pool as early as possible, even at three months. It will become their favorite thing quickly.
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Family Fun

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