Talk to a stranger every day and get lucky

Starting up a conversion with strangers is difficult.

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The sound of solitary silence

Isolation Prevents Observation

I’m not suggesting you walk around your office lunch spot and talk up every person you see like you’re at a backyard BBQ. But when you close yourself off, you miss out on an opportunity.

How I did it

While talking to strangers as a chance game of opportunity might be common sense, some of us are just more natural with communication. When I first tried to complete my daily luck quest, I sort of forced conversations on the first person I saw that I didn’t know.

  1. Look for people making eye contact and not in a hurry
  2. If all else fails, say something to someone you see on a daily or weekly basis
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Smile and your day might just get better.

Father, Husband, Engineer, CTO at Libretto, 15+ yrs of software engineering —

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